Welcome to Goodsouls.

Our goal is to make delicious and healthy plant-based recipes accessible to everyone. Whether you're just curious about plant-based cooking and baking, a vegan beginner, or a long-term vegan looking for inspiration, our recipes have been created for you. When choosing to eat a plant-based diet, we believe there should be no compromise.

All of our recipes use simple, easily available ingredients that are, when possible, unprocessed and inexpensive.

Goodsouls was created in Berlin by Darryl and Anna-Lena. They enjoy exploring the city — with its diverse selection of vegan cafes and restaurants — and share a love for travel, spending time in nature, and exercise.

Originally from the north of England and vegan since 2009, Darryl is a software engineer and is passionate about photography, reading, video games, and travel.

Anna-Lena is from a town near Cologne, Germany, and has been vegan all of her adult life. As a plant-based nutritionist, Anna-Lena loves to help people reach their health, weight, and fitness goals and enjoys writing articles about living a plant-based lifestyle.

With Darryl’s software engineering background and love of photography and Anna-Lena’s knowledge of nutrition, on top of the many shared years on a plant-based diet, they decided to create Goodsouls — an accessible and affordable platform where you can find healthy, easy-to-make, plant-based recipes and learn about nutrition along the way. It was a passion project that started late at night after work, gradually taking over weekends and becoming something more. From their home in Berlin, they create the recipes, write the guides, take the photos, and manage the app.

There’s no big company behind Goodsouls — just Darryl and Anna-Lena, trying to do their part in helping others live a healthier life.

About Us — Darryl and Anna-Lena